How does Aarloom Energy Solutions® lighting differ from fluorescent, metal halide or incandescent?

Aarloom Energy Solutions offers ActiveLED lighting products that are more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting than incandescent, HID, HPS, induction and gas-discharge fluorescent lighting as well as most of its competing LED products.


Aarloom Energy Solutions uses ActiveLED lighting products because they are based on a model of permanence giving a 10 year "No Light Loss" guarantee* supported by patented technology.


Not all LEDs are created equal. Many, if not most, of competing LED lights, incandescent, fluorescent and induction lights are based on a consumption model, providing hardly any energy efficiency over fluorescent and only a slightly longer lifespan.


Aarloom Energy Solutions offer ActiveLED Lighting Products that are among the most energy efficient lighting systems emitting light in a specific direction, whereas an incandescent or a fluorescent bulb emits light and heat in all directions. ActiveLED products use both light and energy more efficiently.


Aarloom Energy Solutions High Tech Lighting uses Ringdale ActiveLED products because they combines the best light engines with the best control technology allowing an infinite number of ActiveLED lndustrial and Commercial light fixtures to be seamlessly dimmed using our EDSaP digital dimming system or to be integrated with legacy systems by a 0..10V dimming input.


Aarloom Energy Solutions exclusively uses Ringdale LED Power Supplies. Ringdale has been making power supplies for demanding applications for more than 3 decades and know how to make robust and lasting LED drivers. When used in conjunction with a Ringdale Surge Protection Device the warranty* of the power supply extends to 10 years.


Many of ActiveLED outdoor lighting fixtures have integrated daylight and motion sensors to save even more energy, Ringdale power drivers have the lowest stand-by power consumption of typical 0.3 watts per power supply.

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